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  Scott LaFlamme was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Scott's love of music surfaced during early childhood, beginning at 2 1/2 years of age and has transcended through years of devotion as both a performer and teacher. He is a talented individual whose playing ability is comprised of intricate musical theory and skill. 

  Scott's first stage performance was at 14 ½ years of age, and that began his musical career.  A gifted individual with a natural born talent for his craft. Being a veteran of the stage and studio working with industry producers such as John Ellis, Jimmy Devito, and most recently Daniel Salcido, has brought Scott to realize his ultimate goal of leading his musical career to a national level.

  Scott had played in previous bands (Blind Tyger, Silent Cry, Fantazmagoria, and Vicious Disorder). Extensively touring regionally for over 20 years, while working a full time job as a mailman in Springfield, MA. Along with being a husband and father, Scott had put in countless hours working to build his music career. 

  Scott's opportunity finally came in June of 2010, being brought to the band Bang Tango being highly recommended to Joe Leste' by Alex Grossi, and Sullivan Bigg. He is now the permanent guitarist for the band and together they have recorded one of the band's most successful albums to date "Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt."  It show's Scott's diversified guitar playing techniques as well as the creative talents of each band member in each track along with his band members Joe Leste', Trent Anderson, and Lance Eric.
   In-between the continuous touring; now Scott, being a national artist recognized throughout the world has taken his twenty plus years of teaching to open his own Company LMI (LaFlamme Music Instruction) and teaches by the motto students need to "feel" the music they are playing rather than just following the notes, which has led to the professional and personal success of his students. Students learn how to play the instrument as well as learning the musical theory of that instrument, in turn enabling his students to develop their own technique and style. Scott doesn't follow the rigid step-by-step cookie cutter learning routine that is found at many music store classes.

  Scott caters his instruction to each student's abilities, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses, depending on the student's individual needs. With his hands on teaching techniques and precise ear training students have learned at an accelerated pace and leave each lesson feeling accomplished and eager for the next session.  For many years there has been a great demand for openings with Scott and coupled with the love Scott has for teaching has led to the success of LMI Studios.

  At LMI Students not only learn musical theory, technique, and how to play but have the opportunity to record each lesson or book studio sessions, as well as use of the studio for a rehearsal room for song writing, or just straight out jam sessions.  There are endless possibilities of what students can accomplish here at LMI, Scott welcomes each new student or client into their continued amount of success they can accomplish if they have the drive to want to succeed in the music business.
With Scott's History & Drive to Succeed, Many can only watch him grow Professionally as an Artist, Performer & Teacher..... But with LaFlamme Music Instruction - LMI Studios, You can become a
student, friend and a contributing ally to Scott and the music industry!

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