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Learn To Play - Compose - Sing - Record - Produce - And More!
LMI Provides a wide variety of services, Ranging from Basic Teaching Lessons to Professional Studio Recording Complete with Full Production & Engineering! Located in East Longmeadow Massachusetts, LMI Offers a host of specialties to Western Mass and Beyond! LMI Studios is ready to Educate, Train and Help the Newly Intrigued Beginner or the Seasoned Performer Attain that Next Level with in the Music Industry!

Guitar ~ Bass ~ Piano ~ Vocal Lessons ~ Ear Training ~ Music Transcription ~ Song Writing
~ LMI Now Offers Drum Instruction By Rob LaFlamme ~
Production ~ Custom Guitar/Bass Work, Upgrades & Repairs ~ Studio Recording & Use
Session Work By Scott LaFlamme with Recordings, Transcriptions, Vocals and/or as a Player

At LMI students not only learn musical theory, technique, and how to play but have the opportunity to record each lesson or book studio sessions, as well as use of the studio for a rehearsal room for song writing, or just straight out jam sessions.  There are endless possibilities of what students can accomplish here at LMI, Scott welcomes each new student or client into their continued amount of success they can accomplish, if they have the drive to want to succeed in the music business.

Scott caters his instruction to each student's abilities, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses, depending on the student's individual needs. With his hands on teaching techniques and precise ear training students have learned at an accelerated pace and leave each lesson feeling accomplished and eager for the next session.

Local & Online Training:
Scott Offers Music Instruction & Lessons at LMI Studios in East Longmeadow.. In addition to the physical studio location, Scott also uses Remote Training through the use of the internet. Utilizing the Skype Service, Many Classes and forms of Instruction can be completed "Live" between Scott and his students in Real-Time Online!
Song Writing Classes:
Learn how to make a song from start to finish. With Over 21 years of experience and having worked with some of the Top Music Producers in the industry, whom had worked with such acts as: The Eagles, Paul McCartney, Creed, Godsmack and Journey (just to name a few), Scott applies this knowledge onto his students. The way a song is constructed is critical to it becoming a Hit, You'll learn how to arrange Chord Progressions, Melody Structure and Vocal Harmony, All in the same class.
Production Classes:
Learn how to mix individual instruments, from single drum tones for kick, snare, toms, etc. To multi-layering of Guitars, Bass, Piano, Vocals and so on. Panning instruments from left, right, center and adding effects to each instrument. Multi-layer/Individual tracking to mixing the entire song.

Music Lessons & Class Rates:  $40 Per Hour - Lessons/Classes - Each Session Comes w/ an MP3 Recording!
A Session Can Be One or Multiple Hours  $5 Extra To Have a CD Recording of Each Session.

Studio Usage & Recording Rates$50 Per Hour & Up - MP3, CD and Master CD Recordings Are Available
Rate's Are Dependent on the Needs and Services Requested!

Other Service Rates & Free Quotes: LMI Offers Free Quotes For All Services & Custom Work!
We Review Your Request & Contact You Directly!  Just Submit an LMI Service Request Form
Some Custom Work & Repairs Will Be Handled By Our In-House Partner  LA Custom Electric Guitars
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